Legiteamate Art Tees: Atreyu Moniaga x Agnes Oryza

Confessing that he wasn’t in a good condition when he made the artwork, Atreyu Moniaga (@atreyumoniaga) pushed his limit and created a unique drawing on Legiteamate shirt. “I feel like I fight my own demon while drawing this. The bad energy that I poured into hopefully (the shirt) can be viewed as a presentable artwork. If you look at it, the sun represents my exhausted self and I’m tied between deadlines and lazy mood.”

As the muse who had the opportunity to wear Atreyu’s shirt, Agnes Oryza (@agnesoryza) agreed with the explanation. The dark vibes from his entire artwork caught her attention “First and foremost, I feel so proud wearing Atreyu’s creation. His vibe isn’t that dark as his drawing’s. You can say that out of his so called “dark mood”, he actually created a very creative art work.”

Be the highest bidder of Legiteamate Art Tees by Atreyu Moniaga starts in December 4th at The F ThingThe auction is part of The F Thing’s CSR program that will be donated to appointed charity.

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