Legiteamate Art Tees: Bernie Barto x Upi Tuan Tiga Belas

Why not fuse a bit of graffiti with a touch of fun? That’s where Bernie Barto’s role in our local art scene plays a big part. After 7 years of dedication in constantly learning the common graffiti, he decided to raised the bar and found his own signature. Character Graffiti.

Graffiti mixed with cartoonish style, resulting in fun visuals of human face inspired by family, friends or even strangers he met. For him, graffiti has never had any limitation to any media or any graphic style, the message is what matters the most. “What I had made in the past three years are still cohesive.” Worn stylishly last November by none other than the humblest rapper Upi (@tuantigabelas).

Be the highest bidder of Legiteamate Art Tees by Bernie Barto starts in December 4th at The F ThingThe auction is part of The F Thing’s CSR program that will be donated to appointed charity.

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