Legiteamate Art Tees: Bunga Fatia x Bill Satya

Since the petite artist has found her love with graffiti, she no longer had any second thought to find another passion. Evolving from a piece of paper to the biggest wall where her eyes could lay on, Bunga Fatia explored deeper the art world.

Known of using “wild style”, her inspiration mostly came from MadC – an alias to Claudia Walde, a German graffiti artist known by her distinct use of forms, colors and fonts. Initially, she dared herself to bomb her bedroom, then her restroom, and moving on to the neighbourhood wall, Bunga keeps on painting. That’s when she found a community to support her vision, hence she founded “Ladies on the Wall”. With 34 ladies, she not only led the way to fight the stigma of “graffiti is vandalism”, but also that it does not only apply strictly to men.

“It started as a passion, now it’s more likely to be a fight for emancipation, female rights in the art scene, and also a proof of own’s existence.”

Paired up with Muse: Bill Satya, using a purple spray paint and black background with a female main character, a contrast of “Mind and Soul”.

Be the highest bidder of Legiteamate Art Tees by Bunga Fatia starts in December 4th at The F ThingThe auction is part of The F Thing’s CSR program that will be donated to appointed charity.

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