Legiteamate Street Musing with Brandon Salim

Your soon-to-be favorite streetwear brand Legiteamate just got a new face and was officially launched the first exclusive collection on 170617. Given the current trend that can be found just about everywhere, the street look has made a great injection in the fashion scene. And as such, muses are also needed; muses that represent. In Legiteamate’s case, the muses are Brandon Salim, Boy William, Carissa Perusset, and Shanna Benjamin. Representing the first street icon from Legiteamate is Brandon Nicholas Salim.

brandon salim for lgtmt bomagz (1)

So, actor, musician, owner of clothing line, and now muse for Legiteamate. Did we leave anything behind? Give us a peek at your schedule, perhaps.

“Now I’m busy shooting for a TV series in Singapore, so I had to go back and forth to complete my part. And in August, I’ll be having a new movie, titled The Underdogs. The movie is about untalented YouTubers wannabe, which consists of Sheryl Sheinafia, Babe Chabita and Jeff Smith and I, who got into a fight with infamous YouTubers like Young Lex, Ernest Prakasa, and Han Yoora. Wait for the D-day, guys!”

brandon salim for lgtmt bomagz (1) brandon salim for lgtmt bomagz (4)

That got us intrigued, can’t wait! Speaking of being a millennial who, as we observed, knows by heart the current fashion trends—how would you describe your style?

“To be honest, I have none particular style for myself. I follow every trend now and then. In short, I’m an adaptable kind of person, just like a chameleon. But I love effortless style, because people with such style will look good from head to toe. But as you said, I’m a millennial, personally I kinda like oversized t-shirt or baggy pants, or the sandals plus socks trend that is kind of my style. But truth be told, I don’t like being the center of attention, I’m actually shy, you know. That’s the difference between my father and I.”

You surely know how to present yourself though. Following the trend, nowadays is all about street style. What do you think of the phenomenon?

“It’s not just a style, I think, but a movement. They’re not just brands, but they have hidden messages behind the movement. For an example, Anti Social Social Club. The owner made the brand just right after he broke up with his Korean girlfriend. The message that I got from the brand is even though you’re feeling depressed post-breakup phase, your life still has to move on. Life goes on. So, it’s basically a message of the movement and most of the streetwear brands have a positive vibe.”

Do you have one street style brand that you like the most?

“Since I’m more of an adaptable kind of person, if I don’t have stuffs that are in trend, it doesn’t bother me. The fact that nowadays overrated clothes are too pricey, I don’t think I have to have them all. But lately, I probably like the new face of FILA after a collaboration with a new and young designer. It also got featured in Hypebeast even! And I love Golf Wang. I mean, not everyone will love the brand, but at least they stick to what they do. I like them.”

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What do you look in a brand?

“Actually, it’s their history. How the brand is established, and other elements that make the brand appealing in my eyes. Like I said, the history of Anti Social Social Club is quite funny and the owner became a billionaire because of a broken heart. Like Supreme from a skateboard movement, and Deus ex Machina from motorcyle kind of movement.”

The last, what is your plan toward the future?

“I don’t know – starting a family, maybe? (Laughs) I have no exact plans quite frankly. I focus more on my job right now and I love to bring positive influence through my hard work.”

brandon salim for lgtmt bomagz (2)

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly and Moody Wijaya
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Stylist: Ronaldo Jordie and Hilarius Matthew
MUA: Nadia Renata and Fadilah Putri
Digital Imaging: Moody Wijaya and Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: Legiteamate, available on TheFThing.com
Location: GOR Soemantri Brodjonegoro

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