#LetterFCovid19Edition: Pesan Nadira Adnan di Masa Pandemi

The girl who preached about self-love with Letter F during Project F voiced out her thoughts to us towards the covid breakout that caused her not to spend the holidays with her family. Nadira Adnan cerita banyak tentang bagaimana dia menghabiskan waktu lebarannya semasa pandemi.

Dira bukan hanya seseorang yang punya soft spot di dunia entertainment, but she’s also known to be a family girl who treasures her family more than anything else including her way of virtually spending her Hari Raya holidays with her whole family.

Karena covid outbreak, bersilaturahmi di Hari Raya jadi terhambat. How did you spend your Hari Raya day?
“Lebaran tahun ini officially menjadi lebaran yang paling berbeda. Both of my parents are in Malaysia, my sisters are all in Australia, and my brother is out of the city for work. Karena pandemi, aku jadi nggak bisa visit all of them and I was just here. It was sad since for my family, Lebaran itu wajib banget kita spend bareng so it was my first time spending it without them. We weren’t even allowed to go pray to the mosque. So, I only stayed at home and cooked Hari Raya food with my maids. That was the one thing that I really looked forward to.”
How did you stay in touch with your family?
“Oh, I skype call with my sisters every single day, even though I’ll be doing my own thing, and they’ll be doing their own thing, our video call would still be on. It’s really great now that technology evolves, everything is made simpler. Tiap 2 hari aku juga selalu nelpon kakak aku yang di Surabaya along with my parents, so we skype call together to keep in touch with each other.”
OOTD untuk lebaran?
After a few weeks of not having any makeup on, akhirnya ada occasion di mana aku bisa dress up and put on some makeup. Ya, walaupun nggak kemana-mana, it was for the Gram, of course.”
Apa kamu tipe yang apa adanya untuk baju lebaran or do you have your own tradition?

“Setiap tahun aku sama keluargaku pasti menggunakan baju yang warnanya senada. Kita biasanya pasti jahit biar kembaran. This year, we also planned to wear matching colors jadi biar lucu tetep foto-foto di tempat masing-masing tapi tetap pakai baju kembaran. Of course,it’s sad that this year we’re not even going to breathe the same air. But, I mean, it’s for the better future and the best for us all. We have to stay home and be healthy.”

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