Life Hacks: 4 Falsies Tricks

When you want to go out of the house in style and you just don’t feel like wearing your old mascara, and have yet to buy the new one, then it’s time to spice things up with falsies from RTSY, available at


True Eclat by RTSY

Here are several life hacks related to falsies:

1. Choosing Lashes
Which do you prefer: doll-like doe eyes or sexy cat-eyes? For doll-like eyes, it’s all about lashes that are long in the center, whereas the sexy cat-eyes you’ll need lashes that are longer towards the ends.

Summer Breeze by RTSY

2. Falsies Tricks!
Once you removed the strips, gently bend the lashes back and forth to help loosen up the lash strip. Place them directly above the lash line, the starting position should be a few milimeters away from the inner corner of the eye.

Diva Glam by RTSY

3. Curl Them Gurl
Curl thy lashes once they are glued on, apply glue directly from the tube. Here’s a simple trick: put a dab of the glue to the back end of an eyeliner brush and hold the lashes between your finger, and then gently run the glue.

Antoinette Dairy by RTSY

4. Finishing Touches
After you let them dry for few minutes, it’s time to apply a few light strokes of mascara. It helps to lift the lashes so you won’t feel like you’re looking through curtains.

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