What It’s Like Being: A Celebrity Fashion Stylist

You are what you wear. The phrase has been around for years and we just have to nod in agreement. Maybe the mere idea of fashion is always been stamped on Erich Al Amin mind, to the point he has to apply it on people. By people, we mean Nindy and Luna Maya. Many celebrities follow Nindy and Luna’s footsteps and entrust their fashion attire to Erich. Starting from Nindy and Luna Maya, he then handles plenty of celebrities, including Raisa, Titi Kamal, Mikha Tambayong, Ashanti, Aurel, and many more. Letter F is having a throwback with our previous encounter with the fashion stylist.

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When did exactly you discover your adoration to fashion?

“I’ve always been really into fashion, but I was too shy to show off my talent because I didn’t have a background in fashion. And I kept referring to it as a hobby instead of calling it a career. And then I applied a job as TV wardrobe stylist back in 2011. I resigned in 2013, and at that time I met a renowned stylist Thornandes James, and he asked me to assist him for Agnez Mo on ‘NEZ Academy’. After the season finale, singer and my best friend Nindy made a comeback after a long break and she hired me as her personal stylist. She was my first celebrity client ever.”

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And that’s where you turn your hobby into a career. Share us more, please.

“There are so many amazing things about it! Like working on set with so many brilliant and talented people. And I’m always excited to help my clients to find something to wear, or just being able to see and touch beautiful clothes.”

Since you’ve already styled many celebs, what is the most challenging part as a fashion stylist?

“The most challenging part is when I have to reassure them about my choice of clothes to them. It’s like building their confidence and to tell them to never be afraid to try new style. If they have an iconic look, people will always remember them by their looks.”

What is the most essential stuff that complements the whole look according to you?

“A good pair of black heels will last you a lifetime and match for every outfit.”

Pick one celebrity or fashionista what you would love to visit their wardrobe?

“My queen, Robyn Rihanna Fenty.”

And name us three celebs that you really want to be styled.

“Rihanna (again), Diane Kruger, and Sofia Vergara.”

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Diane Kruger, nice one! So, talking about fashion, it won’t be complete without asking about your personal style.

“Depends on my mood. Sometimes I keep things minimal and simple. But sometimes a fearless mix of streetwear with an unconventional twist.”

Beside fashion, what’s the other thing that captures your attention the most?

“I love writing fiction and have four books published alongside other authors. And lately, I try to gather writing materials for my own novel.”

Tell us 3 stuffs that you never left home without:

“‘Milk and Honey’ book by Rupi Kaur, Camera, and LEMONADE album by Beyonce.”

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Photos courtesy of Erich Al Amin

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