What It’s Like Being: Public Relations Manager

The fast growing industry in the world aside from fashion is of course service-related ones. Narrowing it down to the hospitality as its emphasis is the hotel industry. From luxury hotels, five-star hotels, boutique hotels, to budget hotels, each of the hotel provides the best for the customers; making sure that guest feels like they’re at home during their leisure or business related travels. Bertha Pesik, the Public Relations Manager of Jakarta’s five-star hotel The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, is one of the key persons who’s very much aware the importance of not only customers, but also the medias. And discussing further about her job, Letter F managed to steal her time. Those aspire working as hotel PR, you might want to scroll to find out more!

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Could you share us your job description?

“My day to day activity is mostly related with the publication of the hotel, I’m in charge for the publicity (of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place) that are and will be featured in luxury publications. Developing and executing an annual Public Relations plan, creating an innovative Public Relations strategy and publicity programs. I also have to ensure that all hotel promotions are in keeping with The Ritz-Carlton brand image and its presence through any social media channels pursued by the hotel. I also manage the media relations.”

Prior to your job at The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, where did you station before?

“Before joining The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place, I worked at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Mega Kuningan for two years and I started my PR training career at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta.”

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Working in a hospitality industry, what’s the pros and cons about the job?

“Pros: If you are passionate about the hospitality industry, I can make sure that the hotel industry is a thrilling, dynamic and growing career path. Getting to meet a lot of people from various backgrounds, especially media people or even the guests, working closely with the key people from high-end media and regularly getting invited to various prestigious private events.  Also, the hotel brand connections around the world!”


“Cons: Work is half of your life. Events happen at night or on the weekends and we have to always be on-call for 24/7. And dealing with people with different characteristic every day can be pretty challenging. So make sure to smile throughout your bad mood days! (laughs)

Share us your good and bad experience so far.

“Hospitality industry is full of surprises! The chances are always open for me to meet public figures whom I have been dreaming to meet in person ever since my childhood years! Watching Katy Perry’s concert had been on my bucket list for years and two years ago I got to see her up-close!”

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What’s the one thing about your job that you really love the most?

“Spending time with my Sales and Marketing team, they are not only colleagues, but they’re like a family to me – this what excites me the most on daily basis.”

5Star Award 2016 team hangout

In order to grab the market, could you share some tips to make the customers keep coming to your hotel?

“Hospitality is all about the satisfaction of every customer, you will have the opportunity to bring happiness to people. It’s also about providing an exceptional service to the guests, we have to serve from the heart.”

What do you think about the current hospitality industry in Jakarta for the past 5 years?

“The industry has experienced a robust growth over the past five years. This growth is excellent for the future business prospect as it attracts more domestic and international tourists to travel more. We can see the competition is around, though the demand to compete is inevitable, we keep ensuring to excel our own performance.”

What’s your idea of having a good time?

“Getting a vacay in the Island of Gods, simply lying on the beach, listening to my favorite music, soaking up the sun and to breathe the fresh salt air.”

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Photos courtesy of Bertha Pesik

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