Limited Capsule Collection by BLVCK Edition with 17 Indonesian Talents

BLVCK Edition has launched a limited capsule collection series with 17 Indonesian Talents.

“The Triumphan on Indonesia movement is expected to bring a new perspective for society that differences in Indonesia need not to be a problem.” Explained Indra D. Djoewarsa, co-founder of Blvck Editions. “Through creative campaigns poured in a garment, this can be a new way to show a sense of nationalism.”
Media platform that is focusing on Luxe, Destination, Art-Design, Treat, Tech, Sport and Entertainment, BLCVK Edition is taking 17 young talents together under a campaign of peaceful movement for Indonesia. Taking the main theme of “17.08 – The Triumphant of Indonesia,” BLVCK Edition and the 17 figures, which are consisted of Adinia Wirasti, Adityalogy, Ajeng Svastiari, Andy Yanata, Ayla Dimitri, Danjyo Hiyoji, Dion Wiyoko, Han Chandra, Kleting, Muklay, Muhammad Aga, Nicoline Patricia, Patrick Owen, Raiki Rasya, Tarra Budiman, Wilsen Willim, and Yuda Bustara are fully supported to show off their collection for the first time on July 17th at Kilo Lounge.
Partnering with Garda Satwa Foundation and Yayasan Tunas Cendekia, the profit of the campaign will be going to both foundations as they have a strong commitment to promote social movement, so that Indonesian society will have an awareness to surroundings. BLVCK Editions also auctioned 8 special items exclusively as donation for Yayasan Tunas Cendekia and Garda Satwa Foundations. The auction will be started on July 17th until the following month, August 17th, 2019 through Blvck Editions Instagram account.
The collection is designed by 17 young and talented figures that will only be available in several shopping centers in Jakarta from July 22nd to August 26th, 2019. The pieces will also be selling online on and through JD.ID.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Photographer: Iqbal Syafei
Digital Imaging: Rian Pandu Wijaya

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