Looking for a New Job? Try to be the Panda Caretaker!

Looking for a job with a fantastic income? How about applying yourself as a panda caretaker in Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in China?

The endemic bear from China was first discovered in 1869 by a French naturalist in Sinchuan and Tibet area. The special features that they have and their cute personalities never failed to make anyone fell in love with their silly behaviors, however these giant munchkins has a very low production rate. Despite having a big figure, they don’t really occupied with the knowledge on how to take care of their newborn babies so they often lost their babies accidentally.

To prevent another loss of the China’s icons, the Chinese Government has made a big conservation program to save the pandas from extinction, and to make this happen the government needs a lot of panda caretakers. The caretakers will be working to take care and look after the pandas for 24/7 because each panda has its own distinct personality that made it different with the others and require different treatments as well. The facilities that is provided for all the caretakers are going to make you drop your jaw! They are fully equipped with a sport utility vehicle (SUV) and an annual income that is up to 32.000 USD.

The only requirements for you who are interested on becoming a panda caretaker is that you have to be over 22 years old, have a good knowledge of panda, definitely love panda, and has a good photography skill. Are you filling all the requirements above? Then you can be the next panda mama!
Source: Mister Aladin


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