Lose All Your Hari Raya’s Fat with These Food

Hari Raya is when you get to eat every kind of delicious food made by your family and surrounded by all the good old days’ stories. It’s no longer a secret that during these days we also often forget how much food that we have consumed which ended you with some extra numbers on your scales.

Then how to lose all of your Hari Raya’s fats? Here are five food that can help you to get your cheeks slimmer:
  1. Wheat
These foods contained high fiber content and their kind of carbohydrates can burn the fat and make you feel full for a long time.
  1. Omega-3 fish
During Hari Raya you might have consumed so many high cholesterol food, so to tone it down you should eat some omega-3 fishes, because the omega-3 acid is proved to be able to reduce fat mass in addition to reducing hunger that can control appetite.
  1. Nuts
Nuts have good fiber, protein and fat which can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin and allow you to lose some weights. In addition, nuts that contain omega-3 are effective in reducing weight and also breaking down fat mass.
  1. Apple
Apples have some high antioxidants, vitamin C, antioxidants, polyphenols and sodium which are suitable for reducing fat in the body.
  1. Avocado
Avocados are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and very high fiber which can make the stomach feel full so you won’t snack a lot and can hold your appetite.
Source: USS Feed

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