Lovo Clothing’s Quaintrelle

Born in an era of unrealistic standards of beauty and extremely competitive society, LOVO is coming age brand that refuse to stick to traditions by encouraging women to be content with herself, challeging society’s norms and value. Futher more, LOVO is creating her own heavy influence on avant-grande and a touch of femininity.

Besides, LOVO aims to empower every woman who wears it to stride with character, confidence and compassion. It’s not just a brand, it’s a movement and a revolution on its own.

The latest collection of LOVO present on Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 this Saturday, October 21th 2017, at Senayan City. Bringing up quaintrelle as the main theme, LOVO fancy their women to expressed their personality through their personal style, charm and cultivation of life’s pleasure. And make sure you come to Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 to witness the exclusive collection of LOVO.

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