Lovo for All Women Muses: Renee Tan

Bringing the girl power back, Lovo’s latest release is all about women. The in-house brand of The F Thing emphasizes woman’s big influence to the world by embracing the diversity. Irene Permatasari Tanudibroto is Lovo’s first choice as muse. She is an influencer, a blogger, a fashion stylist, and a freelance plus-size model. Best known as Renee Tan, the 26-year-old girl is coming out strong with her body. She presents herself with confidence and it’s so beautiful to look at. Let’s get in touch with her!

Being the true woman to yourself, how do you feel about being a woman in this era?

“I love being a woman, not gonna lie on that. I’m so proud that I was born as a woman. We can be strong as rock despite the circumstances. Especially in this era, women support each other and basically empower each other, too. We have so many new movements about women and all, and I hope it will stay the same in the future. And with that, we can contribute to make something better for our life, others’ life, or even to the greater one, like for our country.”

As a woman, what’s the strongest point that you have to show to the world?

“Believe in myself has been my main pillar and it can be easily listed as my strongest point. I want to become who I really am. So I don’t have to faking it (about myself). We are made differently to each other – God has a different purposes to put in every women.”

People tend to have their own issue and anxiety, including all of us. How do you overcome the anxiety and finally embrace it?

“Yeah of course. I do worry a lot and I have this anxiety toward the future. I bet people around my age have the same issue. We get the pressure, as older we get. I mean it’s okay to be afraid of the future, but I want the others to keep doing whatever they love and overcome their fears. I just got through with it, most of the times. Still, we need a big support from our loved ones, and most importantly from ourselves. We need to believe that we are capable to do it all alone.”

As a muse of Lovo, what do say about girls out there try to achieve their dreams?

“I want them to stay bold while reaching their dream. Keep it in mind that when there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Tell us your wildest dream as a woman.

“My wildest dream is, woman can be a role model in many fields and we can be loud about ourselves.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
MUA: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Location: Lalla Jakarta

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