Lovo for All Women Muses: Siti Hajar Riska

In our first encounter with Siti Hajar Riska last year, she was already an amazing woman being. She broke the stereotype of a dancer. She is wearing hijab and still active being a dancer and even being a dance coach for students in some schools. Not only that, the 23-year-old girl is also having her own business for camera accessories. Having the look and skill in such a young age, Riska makes sure that she is happy with her own life. In other way, Lovo has found their muse material in her.

Your thoughts about being a woman in this era?

“I feel that we get a lot of convenience for whatever I’m going to do. As for me, my parents were once so strict about my hobby, which is dancing. It was hard to channel my own hobby in the previous time. But as the time went by, I found it easier to do my hobby. Especially in my case, I’m wearing hijab right now, but the opportunity for me to dance with hijab is still there. People’s responds about my circumstance are more accepting nowadays. And I’m glad for it.”

As a woman, what’s your strongest point that you have to show to the world?

“I seriously want to show the people and the world that I have something in me, that I love art – especially dancing. I devote my life to the art of dancing. And I want to prove that being a hijabi doesn’t make you less a dancer.”

People tend to have their own issue and anxiety, including all of us. How do you overcome the anxiety and finally embrace it?

“Anxiety attacks me everytime. I have this lack of confidence of my skill. Like I know there are a lot of people who have a lot more potential than I am. But on the other side, I have my beloved supporting systems. And my friends around me also give the same support to me so I feel motivated to make them proud.”

As a muse of Lovo, what do say about girls out there try to achieve their dreams?

“I want them to open up themselves and try to bring out their true potential. Even if it’s only a little potential, you have the power to make it bigger. So don’t shut yourself down and fight for yourself. From my experience, I just realized that I had a dancing skill back in my college, and I tried to hone my skill to the extent so I could use it better than ever.”

Tell us your wildest dream as a woman.

“Women have to be confident with their own skin and don’t underestimate themselves. You might see other people as better than you, but make it should be your trigger to be a better person.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
MUA: Fadilah Putri
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Location: Lalla Jakarta

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