Lovo for All Women Muses: Talitha Maranila

After a plus size model and a hijabi dancer, Lovo taps Talitha Maranila as their next muse. Born and raised in Jakarta, the 27-year-old woman is known as a talented painter. Enjoying painting with watercolor, oil, and acrylic, Talitha has worked with many brands and products. She also had her painting exhibitions in Jakarta, Singapore and Switzerland. Emphasizing the #AllForWomen spirit, we are surely curious about what’s on her mind.

What is your current activity?

“I’m mostly doing painting and drawing, but now I’m focusing more on painting. Lately I’ve been working on my next project, still on the art scene. There are exhibitions, collaborations and commercial project that I’ve been working on.”

Share us your thoughts about being a woman in this era?

“It means to be free. We have a lot of chances to move forward and speak on behalf ourselves. We also can decide what we will be later without anyone interfering our own dreams. And I definitely feel free to be my own self.”

As a woman and an artist, what’s the strongest point that you have to show to the world?

“My strongest point? Hmm being independent. Being myself as an artist.”

People tend to have their own issue and anxiety, including all of us. How do you overcome the anxiety and finally embrace it?

“I tried to overcome my anxiety by making more work of arts. My arts are more like self-reflection and sort of my meditation. Whenever the anxiety comes, or whenever I doubt myself, I always looked up to my turning point back. Like I recalled again from where I started and how far I go, that’s how I overcome my anxiety.”

As a muse of Lovo, what do say about girls out there try to achieve their dreams?

“To girls out there, I want you guys to appreciate the process. There’s no such thing as an instant fame or glory. I want them to see how precious the purpose of being yourself, being a woman. I hope they see more than just being pretty, there’s more than that.”

Tell us your wildest dream as a woman.

“To have a stable career, not only in local scene but with a broader one.”



Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Rendra Martin
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Makeup Artist: Fadilah Putri
Wardrobe: Lovo Clothing, available at TheFThing.com
Location: Talitha’s apartment

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