Your Lucky Beauty Items Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Girls! We all have that one beauty item that we always favor more than the other since it makes you feel more confident.

The one that you will go crazy if you don’t have it for the day to prettify yourself. Yes, we all do, don’t we? Here’s the one lucky beauty item that you should have based on your zodiac sign. Maybe it could help you to steal his attention a little bit more?
The eyebrows become the most important for Aries. For this reason, brown eyebrow pencils are always carried everywhere. Choose a waterproof eyebrow pencil so that you always look good for your daily activities.

Scents and sensibility, these are the most appropriate things to describe a Taurus. They show their charm with their choice of perfume. Try to choose perfumes from essential oils to give new experiments to complete your beauty.

Making finger nails look good is an important thing for Geminis. No wonder nail polish is a mainstay weapon for their beauty. Even though they can’t go to the salon every day, Gemini will at least keep their nail polish collection in their drawer.

According to the symbol of Cancer that lives in water, don’t be surprised if the bath becomes a place to relax for them. In addition to bathing and body cleansing, Cancer must have a razor to keep their skin delicate at all times.

As the most romantic zodiac sign, Leo will always try to make their lips look charming all day and of course, always healthy. For that, they will have a variety of lipstick colors that can moisturize and make lip stay hydrated

A fresh and cheerful face is somehow a concern for Virgos. For this reason, they will never miss their foundation and powder. Then, as a finishing touch to make their face shine even brighter, they will always have a highlighter with them.
As someone who likes to take selfies a lot, Libra have to look charming and elegant. For this reason, they will always carry a shimmery palette so that when the camera is faced their face, they are ready to pull the perfect look for their picture.

Eyes are the most tempting part for Scorpio. For that reason, cat-eye is the mainstay and shouldn’t look bad for them. They also prefer bright colors like turquoise to make their eyes look more charming.

As a sporty person, Sagittarius will have a simple appearance to make their look stay fresh. For this reason, volumizing dry shampoo is perfect for making ponytails look more attractive on them.
Capris mostly like minimalist makeup to look natural, including using natural products. But they always want to look young, though. For that reason, anti-aging serum will be a mainstay so that they will look fresh every time.

Aquas are brave enough to choose clothes. Their wardrobe is already filled with skirts, dresses, and shorts. Because of that, they should keep their legs clean at all times. Hair shavers can be a mainstay, but do not forget to use a moisturizer two hours after shaving so the skin remains soft.

You are created as a woman full of surprises. No wonder the rainbow and the unicorn really describe your personality. Changing your hair color is common. However, to keep your hair not damage quickly, using hair vitamins will benefit your hair and the way you look.

Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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