Lula Lahfah x Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber dikenal suka tiba-tiba Live IG dan ngundang fansnya untuk ikutan live untuk bahas percakapan kasual. Orang Indonesia terakhir yang beruntung adalah Instagram influencer Lula Lahfah.

Precisely on August 5, Lula was invited live Justin to ask about how her day was and vice versa. At one point, she asked where Hailey was and he replied that she was upstairs making sushi. It was so casual yet unbelievable that all the comments were mostly from Indonesians. Momen live bareng fans dari Indonesia bukan yang kali pertama terjadi, April lalu pun Justin sempat ajak live Instagram dan mengucapkan, “Aku sayang kamu,” secara perlahan agar pelafalan pun jelas.
And throwing back to his first concert, Justin once asked a fan to stand up on the stage and then kissed the girl, which triggered the audience to go bananas and jealous. The girl was none other than the gorgeous Instagram influencer Alyssa Daguisse.


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moment terpanik selama gue hidup 21 tahun ini

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