LYON Takes Danila Riyadi in the Latest Single “Fiksi Yang Indah”

A band of three called LYON is returning with a new single called “Fiksi Yang Indah” featuring Danila Riyadi.

The men behind LYON, Onadio Leonardo, Rudy Nugraha, and Niko Al-Hakim are ready to greet the fans with their third single, “Fiksi Yang Indah.” The single is about the story of someone who has multiple or bipolar personalities to escape depression. In another personality, he has an imaginary lover who faithfully accompanies him. Meanwhile, Danila’s voice adds so much color to the sad nuance of the song, and the collaboration resulted in an easing listening yet relaxing song.
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This song was directed by Rudy as the producer and also the LYON keyboardist. He then sent the material to Danilla to be accustomed to Danilla’s distinctive musical elements. After going through the production process for about one month, the single “Fiksi Yang Indah” finally can be heard on all digital streaming platforms complete with their music videos.

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