Makeup Starter Kit for Rainy Season

Time is passing and without we noticed, we re already in the second month of the year. And as we all experience, it has been such a rainy season here in Jakarta. And you know what that means, you have to arm yourself with a rainy proof makeup! If necessary, try to use waterproof makeup products that will guarantee you to look beautiful all the time.


Time to explore more about 4 makeup techniques for rainy days to brighten up your days!

Tinted Moisturizer

While foundation is no longer can cover your pretty face on rainy days, let the tinted moisturizer take the role. It actually lasts more than your usual foundation.


Spread your primer right after you put on the tinted moisturizer, as it will make your moisturizer stay longer – thus, flawless face.

Waterproof Mascara


You need to own one in case of rainy days. We can’t have the ink of your non-waterproof mascara run down your face now, can we? So keep them in your pouch before you go outside.



When the rain comes, the gloomy feeling creeps into the your soul. Okay, we exagerrate a bit, but there’s nothing wrong by putting on a bright color on your lips. Choose the high quality and matte one, otherwise rain will probably wipe your lipstick out.


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