Malang’s Hidden Beach for the Introvert Travelers

Sometimes, don’t you just crave for a holiday in which you meet none of the people you know back in town? Look out for Pantai Telok, a ‘hidden-beach’ in Malang that’s perfect for your introvert soul.


The enchanting beach is dubbed by locals as ‘the beach behind the bushes’ due to its secretive nature. Located ni Gajahrejo Village, Malang, its a very pristine and quiet destination for some reasons: First, it’s located in the midst of villagers’ farming area and second, the access isn’t easy, but it’s totally worth it. You really have to venture across hills and bushes to reach the beach, in a quite trail, which can be a prize for some people who likes a solo journey.


The beach welcomes you to relax, with its white sands that sometimes, can turn pink. The water is crystal clear, inviting you to play. However, it is said that the sea here is only for experienced swimmers since the wave can be quiet unpredictable at some seasons. The few tourists who have made their way there can be seen interacting with the locals, watching them catching some fish.

Remember to gear up with your own facilities, because you may not found the ordinary tourist features here. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures – the turtle-shaped hill at the west part of the beach makes a great background!


Source: Okezone


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