Man of the Hour: Axl Jowono

Play hard, work hard –- probably Axl Vio Jowono’s motto in life. The young entrepreneur has six businesses so far and is still planning to have another venture whilst managing to live the best life. Axl has always fancied a good food and a good time with friends, while being healthy at the same time.

One—and by one we meant us at Letter F, can assume that’s the reason he decided to set up F&B and nightlife business altogether. Right until now, he owns five businesses, including the celebrated club in SCBD Swillhouse and poke&matcha bar Honu. And as a workout enthusiast, Axl opened his own gym business, Fit Force.

6 businesses. How do you manage to do all 6?

“A lot of planning and prepping. It’s not easy because I still struggle with the schedule, especially if there was an emergency in one business to another. But I guess it takes a lot of planning and passion, and being cool headed. Not getting emotional on things also helps. I think those are the keys.”

Looking at your lines of business, you seem to like fancy food and beverages?
“Before anything else, I’m always an avid lover of food and drinks. I was actually working as a chef in my brother’s restaurant back in the days. So it kinda triggered my passion for having my own restaurant, also nightlife club just because I love drinking and I love good food. You know what they say, like if you love what you do, you don’t have to work a day for the rest of your life. So that’s kind of like how I decided to go into this F&B business.”
How’s your first business and the latest one doing?
“The first one was Hide&Seek but then we renovated it to The Swillhouse. And to be honest, Hide&Seek was a learning point for me, because it wasn’t as I expected it to be. Then as I was studying the market and decided to renovate the whole concept. After all the experiences that I learned, I turned it to a nightlife bar and thank God, we are doing pretty good right now. As for the latest one, Fit Force, it took us months of planning. Because me and my partner are very active and invested in the fitness lifestyle. We were talking about how can we turn our passion into a business and make money out of it because it’s all the same. I spent good money on food and drink, and I did the same to gym –- so why don’t I make my own place to work out? One thing for sure, I just don’t make business to earn money, but I want my business to make other people’s life better. We give something back to the market and people. I’m also looking forward for Fit Force.”
Your concern whenever you create a new business?                       
“My biggest concern is the planning and the result. I mean, expectation is the biggest thing that I fear. Because in your head, you always want to create something perfect, but once I opened it, it doesn’t come out as it should’ve. And maybe how I manage to find the amazing team is also an important one. I thank every single one of them because without them, I won’t be able to run my businesses.”

What’s next for Axl?

“I actually have a project coming up. It’s going to be an umbrella for all of my brands. It’s on progress right now and hoping to launch next year. I’m so looking forward for that.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Videographer: Rengga Aditya
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Location: Fit Force, Kemang

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