Manny Pacquiao: Old, but Still Gold

At the age of 40, Pacquiao is still the gold on the ring as he just won another world title.

Old but still a gold is the precise definition of Pacquiao’s, as the mexicutioner from the Philippines has just put down the last standing champion, Keith Thurman over 12 all-action rounds on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
Began the fight with a knockdown in the opening round, Manny Pacman stole the Round 1  with 29-1, 22 KOs against Thurman. Thus, the fight then turned around as Thurman out-landed Pacquiao in this incredibly close fight by a margin of 210 to 195. But the Destroyer then sold-out crowd on his side as he becomes the oldest welterweight in boxing history to claim the title.
This championship marked his 62nd win from his 71st fight. However, the triumph doesn’t make him full of himself. “I’m sure you were happy tonight because you see a good fight. Even though Thurman lost, he did his best. He’s not an easy opponent. He’s a good boxer, strong. I think I’m just blessed tonight.” Pacquiao said to CBS Sports. The legendary boxer commented that at 40 years old he still feels like he’s in his mid-20s, still training daily while playing basketball 2-5 hours each day. With this win, the PacMan mentioned that he will fight again as early as 2020 with Thurman indicating that he would be up for a rematch; though nothing is yet to be confirmed.
Source: CBS Sports

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