Mantra Vutura Says “Biar” with Danilla

An electronic two of a kind, Mantra Vutura releases “Biar” featuring Danilla for their upcoming album, “Human.”

Duo producers, Tristan Juliano and Zakari Danubrata aka Mantra Vutura is taking a list of gifted musicians in Indonesia to collaborate for their forthcoming album, Human. Previously taking Bam Mastro for ‘Moonlight,’ this time Danilla will be taking the throne for the next single, ‘Biar.’
The duet admitted that they are graced by the color of voice of Danilla’s and the expressive lyrics of her songs, hence they knew that she would the one to represent ‘Biar.’ ‘Biar,’ is a song that that deciphers two different meanings altogether, where Danilla’s voice can be heard in the first verse of the song. The track then continued with simpler arrangements built by percussion and flute.
The single has released on August 23rd and ready to be streamed on every digital music platform.

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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