The Many Facets of Womanhood by #LovoforAllWomen

Women are too unique to be put in just four body types, four personality types, you name it. Leave your unique prints on the fashion scene with Lovo’s latest campaign:  #LovoforAllWomen

We brought the sensational Lovo scarf all the way to Bali, as it breathes in the spirit of the women who color the islands with their trademarks. Meet Ellie, makeup artist-turn-model who dares to delve into the deepest secret of life’s philosophy. She defines style, and not the other way around.

Natalia is a professional model with also a passion for photography. She’s definitely more than just a pretty face, as she’s not the regular follower in style, but she’s the trend-setter who inspires many.

Born in an era of unrealistic standards of beauty and extremely competitive society, LOVO is a coming age brand that refuses to stick to traditions by encouraging women to be content with herself, challenging society’s norms and value and creating her own A heavy influence on avant-garde and a touch of feminity, LOVO aims to empower every woman who wears it to stride with character, confidence, and compassion. LOVO is not just a brand, it is a movement, a revolution on its own.

Lovo scarf brings out your personality, it is the element that frees you put your style to the max. The in-house brand of The F Thing emphasizes woman’s big influence to the world by embracing the diversity. Irene Permatasari Tanudibroto is Lovo’s first choice as muse to celebrate the #LovoForAllWomen scarf, secondly Siti Hajar Riska–she broke the stereotype of a dancer: wearing hijab and still active being a dancer and even being a dance coach for students in some schools. Last but not least, Talitha Maranila. The 27-year-old woman is known as a talented painter. Enjoying painting with watercolor, oil, and acrylic, Talitha has worked with many brands and products. She also had her painting exhibitions in Jakarta, Singapore and Switzerland.

Let’s become the wonderful women of Lovo!

Fashion Editor: Ruth Caroline Sembiring
Photographer: Faruq Adub @faruqadib
Models: Nathalie @milkyway.nathalie and Ellie @shkurka
Makeup artist: Kaya @volynskaya_mua
Hair by: Anna @allastylist

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