Mastering the Arts of Solo Traveling!

Don’t be afraid to go on solo travel, fellas! Sometimes, people do travel to release the stress, or maybe just want to find themselves back. Aw, touché. But if anything, whatever your reason for traveling alone, you have to prepare it well. While you may flying alone by yourself, check out these tips and tricks for being savvy on the road alone.

  • Grab your hotel’s business card, so if you get lost, you can flash the card to cab driver and find your way back.
  • Pack light. We mean, none will keep track about your same outfit for two days, three even!
  • Join a free walking tour. Young locals usually lead complimentary daily tours, just give them pocket money and you’re ready to go.
  • No need to bring jewelries. To prevent you from pickpockets.
  • Cash on hand. Try to splitting your cash up in various locations of your baggage, you’ll thank us later.
  • Take your vitamins. You don’t want to spend your vacay on your bed, getting fever and all, aight?
  • Antibacterial wet wipes. It’s important to keep yourself healthy to keep your traveling on going.
  • Learn the language. It won’t harm you to learn basic language. It helps you instead, big time.
  • Do the #latergram. Live in the moment and post in the afterglow.
  • Keep your ears open. Listen for anyone speaking your mother language. They probably can help you out of sticky situation.
  • Map out a plan. Have a sense of its geography, main attraction, or local eats, but also force yourself to create a new itinerary if it doesn’t go well.
  • Bring your comfort item.

Homesickness maybe kicks in, so bring a little treat from home. For example, these various sarong from IMAJI Studio.

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