Meet Elowan, World’s First Cyborg Plant

New Year 2019 is approaching, getting us thinking about the future. The people at MIT Media LAb showed us a glimpse into the future: A cyborg plant!

Keeping a plant alive isn’t a piece of cake; just ask anyone who had kept orchids, or even cactus as their ‘pets’ But future should be green, right? Thinking ahead, MIT Media Lab created world’s first cyborg plant, with the ability to self-survive. Elowan, the specimen, is a plant embedded with electrodes, light detector and internal electrical signal.
Designed as the new cybernetic organism, the plant is communicating with the machine to respond to light changes, gravity, soil quality – all those factors that influence a plant’s health.  The electrodes are inserted into the plant’s soil, leaves and main branch. For example, when the plant detected a decrease in light quality, it will move to other place with better sunlight for photosynthesis.
It’s definitely a breakthrough in the world of science. What do you think: Cool or creepy?
Source: iNews


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