Meet the Guy Who Spent His Student Loans on Billboards Asking Kanye to Hire Him

For many, it’s not a great time to be a Kanye West fan. While the rapper’s recent Twitter storm started off with inspirational quotes and behind-the-scenes looks into forthcoming collections, it’s since evolved into the rapper co-signing far-right politician Candace Owens, posing with a “Make America Great Again” hat and making controversial statements about slavery.

But one fan hasn’t been put off. 22-year-old London student Harry Dry isn’t just an unabashed Kanye West fan, he’s also spent his savings on a series of billboards in an effort to get at job at YEEZY.

Located in New York, London, Wyoming, and Calabasas — the four locations that West announced there will be YEEZY offices — the billboards feature Dry’s number and ask “Mr West” to either call or hire him.

The billboards cost $6,900 in total, which Dry paid for using a combination of his University Maintenance Loan (a type of student loan in the UK that’s generally intended to pay your rent), and money he saved from his side gig as a freelance web developer.

This isn’t the first ‘Ye-related project Dry has undertaken, he’s also the founder of the recently-launched YEEZY Dating site which promises to find love for lonely West fans.

The billboards were launched with an accompanying website called “Phone Me Kanye West,” where Dry has relisted his phone number in the hope that he gets that life-changing call. In the meantime, we caught up with the super fan to find out why he wants to work for Kanye West and what exactly his end game is.

Why do you want to work for Kanye so much?

Working with him would be an opportunity to learn. I’d probably learn more in a week with him than I’d learn in 30 years working some corporate job. He’s been where I am right now. I’m kid Kanye trying to make my mark and he’s Jay-Z at Roc-A-Fella with the experience and knowledge! The roles have been reversed. I just need Jay to give me that record deal…

What job do you want Kanye to give you? What’s your relevant experience?

I’m making it up as I go along and am enjoying the ride. I’ve haven’t got a strategy. There is no master plan!

What do you think about Kanye’s latest comments and tweets, in particular, his recent statement about slavery and his support of Donald Trump?

Kanye is a work in progress. He’s said some stupid things which I offer no defense for.

But Kanye isn’t trying to preach at you and come across like he knows everything. He’s just trying to open the conversation up. We’re never going to get anywhere if only one point of view is allowed. He isn’t trying to program people to think like him. He’s just saying “Think for yourself. Come to your own conclusions.” For example, he gave TI the last word on the “‘Ye vs. The People” track.

Personal conduct is more impactful than political opinion. Words are cheap. I don’t care if Kanye is Republican, Democrat, apolitical, whatever…I’m looking at what he does day to day. With his charity work, he’s put more back into Chicago than pretty much anyone else living.

Do you think this will work?

I don’t know. ‘Ye tweeted a few days ago, “What would you do today if you are not afraid of the consequences of failure?” I saw the tweet and this is what I came up with!

You also made Yeezy Dating. What makes you such a fan of Kanye West?

If you’re a Kanye West fan, you’re not a fan of Kanye West — you’re a fan of yourself. Kanye has made it ok to be great. He’s made it ok to be a bright color. There aren’t any rules anymore. CVs are a dated concept. We are living in the new world. Ideas are the new currency.

In other news, Kanye’s Twitter storm is exactly why we shouldn’t idolize celebrities.

Source: Highsnobiety

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