Meet the Grey-haired Beauty, Amelia Bunjamin

Perfect hair, flawless makeup, trendy clothes, and attending events are something that we always see on her Instagram account, every day. The grey-haired Amelia Bunjamin is one of the most famous influencers today, she’s very active on social media and basically living inside it. Having 30k followers on Instagram only, this 25-year-old celebgram shares her daily activities with the followers. Yet, do you know she has this burden every time she is on social media? Catch up her raw thoughts and feeling about her job as an influencer in our small talk with the beauty influencer.

What’s your current activity?

“Right now I’m just chilling I guess. I’m trying to find another comfort zone because I’ve been doing the same time for how many years, and right now I’m just exploring my options. Yeah I’m just trying to find what’s good for me in the future.”

What kind of option that you’re trying to find?

“So I’m trying to dive in to another business, probably? I can’t really tell you what it is right now. But yeah I’m trying to find another business but I’m still doing this influencer job as well, and creating content as we go. I guess that’s it.”

After years being an influencer, have you ever feel tired of your job?

“Yes definitely. I felt really burdened by it, if you know what I mean. Because people think it’s an easy job, but again, if you have to wake up to do your makeup and take a shoot every single day, then it’s tiring too. Especially if you’re doing other contents for other companies, you have to make it as perfect as possible. So it’s quite a hard job, if you’re asking me.”

Then how do you overcome it when the feeling is back?

“I feel like sometime I could just take a few days off. I did that, I would feel more energized and ready for the day. When I’m on it, I just cleanse myself off from social media, ‘cause sometimes social medias are really tiring and full of drama. You’ll get certain type of feelings if you keep on looking at social media. You’ll find yourself comparing to others, which is really a negative thing.”

Do you think the huge growth of social media brings more harm or good for the active users, especially the teenagers?

“I didn’t have any phones or social media growing up – like, we did have it, but we didn’t revolve around it. Back in the days, we only have MySpace or Facebook, and the only access to those social media is through computer. We had to put up a lot of effort before we’re connected to the internet. And I feel like it didn’t consume you as much as it is right now. We check our social media accounts way too often even when we hang out with our friends. And sometimes we do it non-stop. So I think it’s quite harmful. So to kids out there, you know, start doing actual activities outside, put your phone aside, and you’ll find that it’s more comforting in a way and more connected to the people you are with.”

What kind of activity that you like to do daily, besides dwelling on social media?

“I like to play games, cause I’m an actual big gamer. I play PUBG every single night. And I feel that helps. I mean when I play it, I don’t have to think about my look or anything and I just play with my friends. I feel that we’re connected in a way that’s not so social media-related. That’s really fun. And I love to do sports. I do it every single night. I play badminton. I guess physical activities can also really help you.”

You’ve spent years already as influencer, do you still want to do this in the long run?

“Yeah definitely, I don’t see why I should stop. But maybe in the future, I’ll be more focused on family. And I’m not thinking to stop anytime soon. I feel like it’s a great way to share about yourself and just share to other people about what are you doing and people find that very interesting. I really like to connect to other people.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
Fashion Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Videographer: Iqbal Safei
Location: Swillhouse Jakarta

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