Meet the Hottest Customized Motorcycle Workshop, Elders Company FTW!

Starting from a small, roadside workshop, the garage is now producing dope motorcycles with Indonesia’s First Man Joko Widodo as one of their clienteles (remember that customized chopperland?). Aspire to inspire, they aren’t only assembling motorbike – Elder Company also produce helmet and gears for biker that’s known among international bikers and skaters.

Wanting to help the growth of custom culture scene in Indonesia, they try to spread more about their legacy. Exactly in October, Elders Company finally released their first apparel collection, FTW.

And on this one bright day, Letter F visited Elders Garage and got a chance to talk to its owner and founder, Heret Frasthio, and its Product Director, Aji Handoko, about the garage and their apparel collection.

How was this company formed?

Heret Frasthio: “I was a full-time professional photographer back then and biking was another hobby of mine. For me, collecting motorbikes and stuff was one of my remedies from photography. For a decade, I only focus to photography and my liking to motorbike was getting stronger. I mean, I could blend them both into my business. Then I thought of having my own garage or motorbike workshop and made a real biz out of it. I’m glad I took the right decision to combine both of my passion and business.”

What’s your concern when assembling a customized order?  

Heret Frasthio: “I believe there are better garages out there which make better bikes, but I put comfort first over anything. Plus we need to take a look at the biker’s characters and put them on the bike. That’s probably our first concern, because we want the attitude of the riders and their motorbikes to work in good synergy. We try our best to balance them all and breathe life into the bike. I mean, we’ll be proud riders if we can be in sync with the motorcycle, right?”

Biggest achievement so far?

Heret Frasthio: “I’m actually very satisfied with the growth of our team – it was only me and David at the beginning with a roadside workshop to a growing team each day. Plus, our work was appreciated by Mr. President. Not many workshop got a rare chance like that and we were so freaking grateful.”

After Elders Gear, now you finally tap into fashion. Why?
Aji Handoko: “We actually want to spread more into the fashion and apparel culture. FYI, this is not only limited to riders or motorbike enthusiasts, we aim more than that. This actually a sub-label of Elders Company for more universal target. And just last month, we’ve released our first collection.”


Tell us more about the collection then.

Aji Handoko: “For the collection, we raise FTW as our first issue. FTW means Forever Two Wheels where we take the rough idea from USA’s famous motorcycle club, Hells Angels. We take a little part of the bike gang culture in Los Angeles to represent our collection. From the graphic design to video lookbook, we use them for a reference. And because this is our very first collection, we are all-out for this and we plan to release new collection every three months. Starting on next year, we aim a head-to-toe collection: T-shirt, bomber jacket, to shoes.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin


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