Meet the Newest Sound of the Industry: TIGA

Indonesian music scene gains another talented group this year – TIGA is the new music group of three beautiful musicians from Locker Media. Consists of Tanayu as vocalist, Ayu Rika as vocalist and keyboardist, and Ninda as DJ, the three of them bravely breathes fresh air to Indonesian classic songs. They are rearranging the Indonesian ‘80s and ‘90s songs into brand new sounds. They aim to embrace all the music lovers. Let’s get close and personal to TIGA and dig up more about their whereabouts.

So, what’s your current activity?

Ayu Rika: “Basically I’m a professional singer, so I mostly spent my days singing in places; from café to café, even in wedding event. Also I have another project other than TIGA, but I’m still working on it. But mostly we are in promotion of TIGA’s new single, Bohong.”

Ninda: “Beside busy with TIGA, I spend my time DJ-ing. I started to enjoy DJ-ing since 2009. But way before that, I was in modelling scene since I was in junior high school. After that I fell in love more with music scene, so I decided to explore DJ-related stuff, and it became my new challenge. I’m addicted to mixing some songs. Now I’m fully focused on my music though.”

Tanayu: “Just like the other two, I’m pretty busy with TIGA’s promotion. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, it’s an electronic music group who just released its first single two months ago. Other than that, my little family keeps me occupied.”

How was TIGA formed? Share us the story behind it.

Tanayu: “Ninda and me are under the same music agency and they offered us a concept which turned out to be TIGA. After we had a glimpse of the concept, we kinda agreed to it. After that we did brainstorming and looked for one additional member, who was Ayu. Although our music tastes are different to each other, it surprisingly becomes a synergy. For almost a year, we did workshop, getting along to make our vision become clear, and working on our chemistries together.”

Ayu Rika: “TIGA itself was formed since last year, but I’m not the original member. Meanwhile Tanayu and Ninda are already friends back then. I met them in Locker Media.”

Ninda: “At first, it was me and Tanayu who are under the same music agency. And we brainstormed to unify our vision and mission, and finally agreed to make TIGA as vintage group with modern touch in music. Then we try to dig a new format for this group. Good things that Tanayu can play synth, Ayu Rika plays keyboard and her voice is so good, and there’s me with my DJ things. And just like that, we begin the new journey as TIGA.”

We are curious to know why TIGA decided to use that recycling concept?

Ayu Rika: “It’s actually our management’s idea. They think that there are many gold Indonesian old songs that are forgotten, and they try to bring them up to millennials. But again, young generation mostly listen to electronic kind of music, that’s why we try to help old song exist again in the music industry.”

Ninda: “I want to have something new in the way I present myself as a DJ or musician. What’s the point of this group then? The other girls have the same thought with me. It’s like we combine our own thoughts and characters into TIGA. And to think about it, there are a lot of young generations now listen to old songs again with a new packaging.”

Tanayu: “But yeah as we know right now, vintage stuffs rise up again – either its fashion or music. Our management suggested us to catch the opportunity and try to rearrange the olds songs into new sounds. Me and Ninda thought that there wasn’t a group which brought this kind of concept. When we met Ayu, it was just fit. Then we gave it a try. And why we specifically use the ‘80s and ‘90s songs, it’s because in that era, Indonesian music scene was so good. We want people to be familiar and enjoy the songs from various generations.”

Did you guys re-arranged the songs together?

Ayu Rika: “Yes, we did it together alongside our music director, Bagusikalisasi. We also worked with new arranger, Kenny Gabriel from The Remix.”


Will you write your own song despite the concept of the group?

Ayu Rika: “We don’t rule out the possibility though. But in a meantime, we are still focusing on our image right now, and we are still trying to strengthen the image.”

Ninda: “We probably will, later on. But till this time we still focus to rearrange the old songs.”

Tanayu: “ Sure, we like to explore and it can be possible in the future. And again, yes, we still focus on the recycled songs. But as musicians, we have this anxiety to make our own music. Yet, it’s still long way to go.”

How to face the competition in music industry, which is dominated by men?

Ayu Rika: “Frankly speaking, we never see it as a competition. Music is based on people’s personal preference, so we don’t really think about it. But all we gonna do is to focus on our music or work.”

Ninda: “We never feel intimidated by men musicians though. And it’s actually a plus point for us, being group of women. It doesn’t lessen our creativity. And being in the industry, it’s all about the music – not specific only to different genders. I mean this is a challenge for us that we can do better as women.”

Tanayu: “Somehow it’s a high bargaining point for us in the industry. I mean, with all the competition with the boys, we have this spotlight to have a greater opportunity. And for me personally, women artists or musicians are slowly climbing up with such different genres.”



Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
MUA: Nadia Renata 
Fashion Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Videographer: Iqbal Safie

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