Meeting Someone from Online Dating Apps, How?

As described on Life Beyond the Screen; internet is a revolutionary social space, where you can establish a new image to identify yourself as someone cool and trustworthy.

This technology allowed us to spread our networking with multiple intentions, and one of them is to find a partner. Over the years, online dating has become a trend among the crowd. Meeting someone online and have some dates over the screen, but what about meeting them in person? It’s definitely a different story, and here are some ways to do it right:
  1. Is it the time?
Check the wave of your relationship first, make sure you’re feeling comfortable to meet him/her in person.
  1. Stalk before you walk
The development of trust in an online dating relationship requires not only the assurance that the other means no physical harm, but to treat you with dignity. It’s good to know their background first, right?
  1. Don’t expect too much
Everyone tries their best to make the greatest persona of theirs online, so don’t expect too much of it first. Stay cool and try not to look obviously nervous.
  1. Avoid dinner and a movie
For your first date, try to do it in public places, anywhere that allows you to escape if the unwanted things occurred, avoid dinner and movie as both of them would put you in an intense situation—definitely not a recommendation for first meet up.
  1. Share your date’s credentials
Do not go to your first date without telling anybody, let someone knows your location and your date. Tell them your date’s name, number and even his/her photo if it’s necessary.
First meet up after an online meeting might seems impossible, but you’ll be okay if you do it right.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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