#MempermainkanRuang: Pandora the Theatre Experience

Pandora has produced their theater experience; they brought a show to you in a more casual environment.

It’s a kind of protest movement called #MempermainkanRuang. The night was attended by Yoga Mohamad – Director and Writer for Teater Pandora, Alfianda Karuza – Business Development of Teater Pandora, Putri Ayudya – Actress in movie and theater such as Ratu Ilmu Hitam, Love For Sale 2 ,and Teuku Rifnu Wikana – Actor, Director and Writer in theater also movie such as Laskar Pelangi and Oscar Nominee Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku.
Serving numerous plays since 24 September 2014 by a group of college students and alumni from Universitas Indonesia, Teater Pandora is bringing you a collective and timeless performance targeted to the youngsters. They are now doing plays in usual places such as bar, coffee shop and even hotel rooms breaking the stigma of ‘Theater is boring and old school’. Teater Pandora realizes the issue happen around the young people is that theater wasn’t broadly admired due to is long hour showing, stiff environment and expensive tickets. And this is a way of protest and solution that they offer.
In the press conference, the 4 speakers share their thoughts on how theater has been a big part of their life as it brings not only joy but also meaning. Putri Ayudya even said that she believes we all actor in this life whether we realize it or not. Alfianda Karuza pointed out the cost of doing theater can actually be bigger than movies as the actors have to do the play over and over again with expensive sound systems and also legit venues. The four of them have a deep love for theater and very grateful to the fact that young people are starting to show their interest and appreciations.

The play is called SAMARA: Samudra dan Lara. A story about married couple with complicated yet strange relationship. Both Samudra and Lara agrees to have other lovers as their five-year-old marriage started to fall apart.  Tensions were built so intensely those who attended shutter as scenes move on.

All and all, this is a recommended experience as many were there not knowing what they got themselves into, but coming out satisfied. Ready to see some theater in the future?


Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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