Mendadak Jadi Anak Sepeda Bareng Legiteamate

Dari Sudirman sampai ke pelosok, pasti pada ngeh kalau kaum urban lagi suka banget bersepeda. Apapun sepedanya, kalau udah mulai sore atau akhir pekan, komunitas sepeda sering seliweran. Sekali berkumpul pun biasanya jumlahnya lebih dari lima orang and they all sport a great look.

Mostly it’s the corona effect taking its wonderful toll. it sort of becomes a symbol of freedom in the pandemic. To quote The Guardian, For many, bicycles have also become a symbol of freedom in the pandemic – an opportunity for mental as well as physical release from the confines of lockdown life.”
And to support this healthy trend, as your go-to fashion ecommerce, we would like to provide you with the best outfit gear from our in-house brand Legiteamate. From tshirt, tracksuit, to pants, find your cycling ootd while saving up to 50%. Do it with style, people.

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