Michael B. Jordan in Talks to Play Superman

According to USS Feed, the DC Universe isn’t quite done with Superman just yet, as Black Panther alum Michael B. Jordan pitched an idea for a new take on the Man of Steel to Warner Bros earlier this year.

Jordan’s production company, Outlier Society, signed a first-look deal with Warner Bros. in January, so it’s not all too shocking that the star would make the move from Marvel to DC.
While Jordan did pitch his own take on the beloved caped superhero, the film would reportedly not come close to a movie theater until 2023. This is due to both the Creed star’s packed list of upcoming projects as well as Warner Bros.’ list of many superhero films soon to be released.
With the success of darker films like 2019’s Joker, DC is reportedly hoping it can sink its teeth further into this more insidious version of classic comic book stories. So, if a new Superman were to grace the big screen, it’s likely the story would be more R-rated than not.
Source: USS Feed

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