Mick Jagger Made Rolling Stone Postponed the Tour

The Brits icons, Rolling Stones appeared to postpone their tour in the States and Canada this April.

The world tour that is supposed to be kicking in America by the end of April has to be paused as the main vocalist of the band—Mick Jagger is being under the weather. Although it is not yet to be confirmed what kind of disease he’s holding in but according to their personal doctor, it is best for him to stay out of the tour for the further treatment.
Apologizing for making the fans worried, Mick is sent by thousands of tweets from his fans who pray for his health and the rest of the band’s members. Mick’s health and the members’ are the great deal for the band and have to be prioritized among anything else, as this is not the first time that the band has to delay their tour. The same thing has ever happened back in 2016 when Mick got laryngitis and had to step out from the stage for a while, also in 1990 when Keith Richards had to cancel the tour as his finger got infected and he fell from the stairs in 1998 which also made him being out of the stage. There were so many incidents happen between the tours that made them had to put everything aside and get back to their health first.
Source: Sindonews

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