Mick Jagger’s Doppelganger? No, It’s Lucas Jagger

Who doesn’t want to move like Mick Jagger? Even Adam Levine can’t resist the overflowing charisma of The Rolling Stones’ frontman. Well, unlike others who try hard to get the moves, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger has the natural flow of Jagger on his veins. Yes, Lucas is the 7th son of Sir Mick Jagger – in fact, he is Mick’s lovechild with his affair of Brazilian model, Luciana Gimenez Morad.

Steal his look!

Steal his look!


Soon to be 18 years old, he has this original rock ‘n roll charisma equipped with his long and messy brown hair. Plus, he looks a lot like a carbon copy of his father, especially the full and pouty lips. Although Lucas spent his early childhood with his mother, yet it didn’t make him less loved by his rocker dad. His 47-year-old ex-model mother shared that Lucas has always been in a good relationship with Mick. They even often attend the football game together.

Lucasjagger4 Lucasjagger2

In April 2017, Lucas was seen attending Dolce&Gabbana party in Sao Paulo hand in hand with his hot mama. Looking fine in black varsity jacket and black boots, he still hasn’t make up his mind yet that got us all curious: would he or would he not be a rocker just like daddy Mick?


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