Mikha Tambayong Goes to New York Fashion Week 2019

The sweet, multitalented Mikha Tambayong is taking another step in the fashion game.


Last year Mikha dipped her foot into the fashion industry as she collaborated with our in house brand Lovo Clothing and became the muse of the brand itself. Promoting her senses in fashion that screams feminine, sporty, and minimalist, Mikha proved that she’s not only good wearing the outfits but she’s also good at creating them.
This year might have become one of the best years yet for Mikha as she got herself invited to one of the most awaited shows in the States. Flying to more than 16k km away from home, Mikha was beyond excited to attend the Fall Collection 2019 Runway Show by Michael Kors. On top of that, our best girl is getting her first row spot on the show and got to go to the after party with the MK’s team afterwards. So happy for her and her adventure in the New York Fashion Week 2019.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim&Galuh Tathya

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