Minecraft Unleashed AR Feature on Its 10th Anniversary

Marking its 10-year Anniversary, Minecraft will be increasingly mobile with the Augmented Reality (AR) technology in Minecraft Earth.

Just like Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth allows you to experience the real world within the mobile AR feature. You will be given total freedom to build structures, gather resources, and express creativity in the world of Minecraft.
The Minecraft Earth game will focus on collaboration and allow many players to work together to transform the traditional AR gaming experience into a multi-player scope. Players can build their block-based creations anytime and anywhere on different scales.
Beside the building’s classic structure, Minecraft Earth will offer dynamic adventures in the form of short missions. Adventure is made automatically and unique so you’ll enjoy a very personal gaming experience.
To produce playable locations, Minecraft Earth relies on Open Street Map data and is handled by Microsoft’s Azure cloud system. The Minecraft Earth beta is scheduled for release later this summer on iOS and Android in America. Meanwhile, a broader global release is underway before the end of the year.
Source: iNews

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