Miss Indonesia Enters Group 9 of Miss World’s Head-to-Head Challenge

Entering the quarantine, all Miss World 2019 contestants are busy with a series of activities. One of them is Head to Head Challenge which will divide the contestants into 20 groups randomly. Each group will be filled by an average of six countries as members.

Based on the official site of Miss World, Indonesia, which represented by Miss Indonesia 2019, Princess Megonondo entered in group 9 along with Czech Republic, Canada, Tunisia, Sierra Leone and Portugal. Division of groups is carried out on the banks of the River Thames in front of Tower Bridge, one of London’s most iconic landmarks.
Just like before, after the contestants were divided into their respective groups, every day there will be one group that is given the opportunity to do a presentation live for 10 minutes. The contestants will answer questions that are raised by the host and fans.
Then, to determine the best member of each group, contestants will be judged directly by the public. The public can vote through social media such as Facebook or the Miss World App. Not until there, the best members or winners from each group automatically qualify for the 30th round.
Next in the second stage, the contestants must present their Beauty With a Purpose program. Then, the successful contestants will advance to the last 12 round. The contestants will be increasingly pursed into the big 5 and 3.
Meanwhile, contestants who do not win the Head to Head Challenge, will still have the chance to advance to the next round by winning the competed fast track or through the judges’ choice.
Source: Sindonews

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