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Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (15)

Kirani jumpsuit by Needlework, available at

If Patricia Gouw were a city, she would be New York or Jakarta, vibrant is the perfect word to describe her. It all started as a fun thing to do, joining the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 competition, it was also her friend from her college years in LaSalle by the name of Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan who pushed to tryout for 2010 Wajah Femina, 2012 Miss Indonesia Top 15 finalist, first runner up of Miss ASEAN 2012, but now look at her: she is one of the most wanted models in Indonesia. She scored high in many tests of AsNTM and she is in the Top 3!

 Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (7)Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (4)Jumpsuit by Needlework, Necklace by Golden Barbera from Aidan and Ice, available at The F Thing

Like we mentioned before, Patricia is synonymous with vibrant, she is a lively, chatty, fun, and above all, she is a pro when it comes to modeling. What first started as fun, turns out to be something she was really good at. Not only at modeling, she is also good at presenting. In 2014, she became the presenter for Indonesia Motor Show, and currently she is an announcer for Hard Rock FM Jakarta. Above all, one thing that she loves is being productive.

Aside from her hectic schedule, Letter F managed to get the chance to know what a model’s day looked like, at The Residences of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place.

So how did you get into AsNTM cycle 4?

“Actuallly, my close friends and relatives told me to join the competition from the first cycle, but I was a little bit hestitant. Then, Ayu Gani, suggested me to try it myself. And since I had a free time last year and I love being productive, I finally applied. And I followed all the steps, I only found out that I was good to go to Singapore 5 days before my departure.”

Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (18) Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (8)Dress: Teodora from CIEL, available at

The quarantine lasted for couple of months, could you share us your most memorable moments on AsNTM 4?

Everything was memorable for me, the girls and the whole crew are just like my new family. Living with them for a few months taught me a lot of lessons. I learned how to behave, to adapt; handling different characters. The judges themselves helped me to increase the improvement within myself. I got many insight from them during the show.”

You also got the chance in working together with Yu Tsai, how do you feel about that?

“To be honest, I don’t really follow America’s Next Top Model, but I understand that he comes all the way from US, I knew right away that he was a big deal. At first, it wasn’t easy at all, but I knew that that’s just how he is after doing two photo shoots with him. He spoke the truth, as did all the judges, but Yu Tsai was really persistent to make us better. And he kind of reminded me of my mother, they both have the same tough-love.”

Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (5)Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (1)

Jumpsuits by Needlework, Necklace by Golden Barbera from Aidan and Ice, available at

Could you share us the perks of being a model.

“I got the chance to wear nice clothes, of course. If someone asks me what do I want, I would like to run my own business, even if it’s a small one. Being an opportunist myself, I was thinking why not have both: being a model as well as having my own clothing line? And so I did, and since I’m a people person, during the time when I did it, I often talked to other designers; it’s interesting to hear about someone’s journey and their life.”

Now if we’re talking about your experience in the fashion and beauty world, which is the most challenging one?

“Asia’s Next Top Model. We took two full months for the shooting and we really couldn’t doing contact with family and all. No phones, no news, and no internet. The big television in the house was used for receiving ‘Cindy’s Mail’ only. But in every competition that I ever did, there were challenges within. At the end, they built up my personality.”


Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (11)

Dress by Amarea, available at

You’re currently a radio announcer as well as we understand. From modeling to radio, how did that happen?

During one of beauty competitions held by Femina group, I met Becky Tumewu and Erwin Parengkuan. Both of them said I had the potentials on being a presenter. Funny because I was always nervous whenever there’s a camera shooting at me. This was before the AsNTM phase and in January 2016, I became an official Hard Rock FM announcer. I’m a very active person, I can’t stay still, so I love being productive as an MC and announcer, it’s super fun. Of course I had trainings, learning how to do ‘smiling voice’, behaving, and the content itself.”

You also have the chance to work together with many designers, do you have favorite?

Sebastian Gunawan. I once walked for his show, but due to my height, I never got called again. Eventhough it was only once, but Sebastian Gunawan still remembers me and I could talk with him for hours just like a friend. I once shared about my clothing line and he was very supportive. And although we rarely meet, he always remembers about my clothing line.”

Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (13) Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (14)

Dress by CIEL, available at

Name one fashion brand that fits you the most.

“Balmain. I’m a versatile, too. I can be anything depends on the situation. I’m independent and strong, it kind of reminds me of clothing hanger – my body can wear any kind of clothes because clothes are how you show your personality.”

Since you’re very vibrant, if you were a color, what would you be?

Black, white and red. Timeless color is a good definition of black and white. They’re like a classic combo. But sometimes I wanna be the spotlight, and the color red represents it.”

Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (3)

Jumpsuit by Needlework, available at

Do you have another dream job besides being a model and a broadcaster?

 “Humanitarian. I’m building one right now. For the last 2,5 years, I joined – a project which built by Kanaya Tabitha where we can do some empowerement for people in West Nusa Tenggara. We helped them to produce more woven. Beside me, Kelly Tandiono also participated in the project. I’m trying to do something for anyone else, started from the simplest way like celebrate my birthday with orphanages. I talked about this concern with people with the same enthusiast with me, at least we can do help others with our deeds. I know it’s not easy and takes time, but the outcome will be seen for the next couple of years. My concern about education is high, because the lack of education equals increased crime. With a better education, more jobs opportunity wide open and help them with a better life. Thus, it will help our country’s welfare.”



Patricia Gouw for BOmagz (10)Dress: Teodora from CIEL, available at

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Video Director: Mario Raimond Bully
Video Editors: Daniel Natanel and Iqbal Safei
Graphic Design: Rusdah Ulfa
Digital Imaging: Gigih Wiryana
Shoes: Patricia’s own. Accessories: Aidan and Ice. Wardrobe: CIEL, Amarea and Needlework. from
Location: The Residences of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place

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