Modest Wear is Totally Here to Stay

For the past few years modest clothing has been such a trend not only for older women, but also younger women in Indonesia.

The term “Modest Fashion” refers to a trend amongst women who dress in less skin-revealing clothes as a way of dressing suggested by the religion / faith the person embraces. It keeps women and men dressing in certain demureness which intends to avoid the encouraging of sexual attraction in others. In Latin, “Modesty” means “Keeping within measure”.
Modesty are now not just something boring, you can also style it various different ways without losing edge. There are tips and tricks on wearing modest wear such as:
  1. Pick yourself looser clothes
  2. Skirt would be a great choice for bottom
  3. Don’t hesitate to play with patterns on both your Hijab / Head scarves or bottoms
  4. Invest in some essentials pieces such as long sleeve turtle neck t-shirt and comfortable leggings
  5. Accessorise!
There are tons of proud Indonesian’s designer are now design amazing modest wear. Dian Pelangi, Ria Miranda, and many more. They bring so many twists in traditional modest wear and makes youngster feel comfortable in wearing their design. Since fashion is all about stay true to yourself, it will only be appropriate if you can still express yourself while embracing your religion. It doesn’t always have to be boring and traditional, it can be trendy, girly, boyish, anything you want without revealing any skins.
Here are some look we assemble to help you pick your style:
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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