Morning Larks or Night Owls? Find Out the Differences Here

Everyone has their own body clock that makes them being called as a morning lark or a night owl, despite their wake up time differences they have more distinctions you may not realize it yet. And here they are:

  • Decision Making
    • Morning lark: as they wake up early, they tend to be more deliberate at making a decision.
    • Night owl: meanwhile the night owls are more spontaneous at deciding things.
  • Intelligence
    • Morning lark: they show higher levels of cooperation which leads to have a tendency to be more proactive and persistence.
    • Night owl:a study published in 2013 proved that night owls tend to score higher on inductive reasons test.
  • Eating habits
    • Morning lark: they eat better than the owls as they have more time to prepare breakfast they choose healthy food over some instant food.
    • Night owl:they eat less during the day but they tend to eat more during the night and prone to consume unhealthier food.
  • Well-being:
    • Morning lark:as they are exposed to more sunlight than the night owls, research says they are associated to more positive emotions, therefore they are happier and at lower risk for depression.
    • Night owl:they are prone to seek out new sensations and risks, these caused them to their streaking impulses that can’t be easily controlled. The loss of sleep also make them lean to depression and anxiety.
At the end of the day, these differences are all rooted in the chronotype difference in your system, as every person made out of varying chronotypes there would be someone who naturally enjoys the evening and those who loves the sunrises. The study that is conducted by University of Heidelberg shows that different chronotype refer to different personality characteristics which divide people into the morning larks type and the night owls type.
Source: ScienceNews, MedicalDaily, PsychologyToday
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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