Most Mouth-watering New Year Feast in the World!

We’ve passed the New Year, and now it’s time to review our celebration! Take a look at these most magnificent feasts from around the globe

  1. Germany, Berliner

    During New Year’s Eve, the Germans like to eat something sugary just like us. One of the most popular ones is a doughnut look-alike called Berliner. It is filled with a lot of sweet fillings and you can have it as a snack during the annual’s gathering with your family and friends.
  1. Poland, Herring Fish

    Different from Germany, the Polishes have a tradition to eat Herring fish dishes for the New Year’s Eve. This fish is believed by the Polishes as symbol of wealth and prosperity by its silver scales. They also believe in the overflow amount of herring fish during New Year would bring them the abundant amount of fortunes on the following year.

  1. South Korea, Tteok-Guk

    Another different style with the Koreans. On the New Year’s Eve, they like to eat a clear hot soup that they called it Tteoko-Guk. Tteok-Guk is filled by the slices of some rice cakes that symbolized the longevity in life. Hence, for those who desires a long life you have to eat this soup to its last drop. Tteok-Guk is also served on birthdays as a symbol for someone who just got a year older.

  1. Greece, Vasilopita

    New Year celebrations in Greece coincide with the St. Basil Festival. The saint is one of the founders of the orthodox Greek church, so his name is enshrined to be an annual festival in Greece. At this celebration, the Greeks prepare a special dish called Vassilopiita or St Basil’s cake. The cake is filled with gold coins. Anyone who gets a piece of cake with coins in it, is believed to be lucky in the New Year.

  1. Spain, Grapes
    Every New Year’s Eve, The Spaniards consume 12 grains of grapes. The 12 grapes represent the number of months in the New Year and are expected to bring good luck.
  1. Armenia, Darehats

    The mothers in Armenia during the New Year’s Eve often makes some special bread that is called by Darehats. They make them with prayers and good hope, so that those who eat the bread will get a lot of luck on the following year.
  1. Japan, Soba, Osechi, and Konbu
    This country of sunrise has so many New Year specialties. Soba is a flat noodle that is eaten during the New Year by a procession called Toshikoshi Soba. Besides that, there is Osechi Ryori. Osechi comes from the word ‘o-sechi’ which in Japanese means an important season or period. The food in the colorful food box is eaten as hope that the new year will bring health, fertility, abundant harvests, longevity, and happiness. Whereas konbu is made from seaweed; by consuming konbu, the coming year is expected to bring joy.
Source: Mister Aladin


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