Move Your Body with moveFIT from 20FIT

After coming with such technology called Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which makes 20FIT different from your classic gym classes, 20FIT is now coming with its newest program—moveFIT.

“Fit for everyone” has always been the main goal for 20FIT and its programs, therefore supporting those who’s living in the middle of a fast-pacing lifestyle, 20FIT would like to reach as many people as possible regardless of their conditions, needs, and ages through their latest program—moveFIT .

moveFIT is a new program in 20FIT which allows people from any ages and any needs to join and participate in making a difference with their bodies. Taking different concept with its brother 20FIT, Move FIT is promoting six different classes to enhance the flexibility and endurance for their students in order to reach the ability to move their muscles and joints more freely and within the maximum reach. The classes are divided to six different classes with various purposes:
  • Recovery Training
  • Stretch & Flexi
  • Pre-maternity FIT
  • Post-maternity FIT
  • Advanced Motion
  • Mobility Class
To support your working out sessions, moveFIT is also offering you with their meal programs which includes lunch and dinner with various healthy recipes directly from their nutritionists. If you’re interested with the classes and the meal programs, the price started from Rp 659.000 to 1.399.000 and on top of that you can pick up your meals directly at the office or have them delivered to your place.

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Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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