Movies with Eerily Accurate Future Premonition


People said, the truth is stranger than fiction. It is indeed, as these five movies of our pastimes seem to accidentally predict our reality today. Get yourself ready for a time clash!

  • The Truman Show vs Keeping Up with the Kardashians
    They year was 1998, when the world laughed upon a movie about a man whose life is being broadcasted 24/7. Now in the age of reality show, what was depicted becomes daily life for some people (of course, Kardashian Clan included).
  • Batman The Dark Knight Rises vs Sandy Hook Shootings
    Recently before the tragedy, Batman the Dark Knight Rises was unleashed to the market, and not until the shootings did people realized that the movie ‘accidentally’ used a map with the words ‘Sandy Hook’ written and circled in it. The shooter himself, Adam Lanza, was said to be inspired by the movie.
  • The Matrix & Terminator 2 vs 9/11 Tragedy
    Lots of movies are accused of predicting the 9/11 tragedy – let’s narrow our attention to these two apocalyptic flicks. Unleashed before the planes crashed into World Trade Center, The Matrix showed Neo’s passport to be expired 11 September 2001, while Terminator 2 showed an underpass building with words written ‘Caution 9-11’

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