Multifaceted Mikha Tambayong

Slowly rising to the top couple of years back, her hard work has now paid off. TVs, cinemas, ads, both online as well as offline, her beautiful face is found everywhere. What started as a mere side-kick role in a TV series, now she is currently Indonesia’s go-to actress when it comes to hit movies. Maudy Mikha Maria Tambayong is an Indonesian all-rounder actress who’s more than talented to juggle acting, singing, and modelling simultaneously. The 24 year-old public figure is also a work-out enthusiast, promoting the healthy life through her Instagram feed. This year, Mikha decided to dwelve into the fashion realm.

Collaborating with The F Thing’s in house brand Lovo Clothing, Mikha Tambayong UNVEILS her fashion mood through the collection. From the designing, to choosing the color scheme, Mikha went straight in to create each sketch design. Whilst waiting for November 12th for the official launch of the collection, Letter F casually chatted with the muse at Monopoli Hotel, Jakarta.

So acting, singing, fashion designing. Have you always known where your passion lies since you were young?
“I started (acting) when I was 13 years old. At that time, my mother registered my name to a modelling scout and surprisingly, I made it to the final. And then some talent scouts came and asked whether I wanted to be in a TV series or not. Well, safe to say that’s the beginning of my career now.”

We’ve seen you grow, and you have starred in many movies and playing different characters. From romcom to horror, what do you consider when you choose the role?
“I’d first have to read the script, do I like it or not, or does it support my value or not. And then I would look up to the director – who will be directing me, and probably looking at the casts, too. But most of all, I would see whether the character suits me or not.”

Moving on to your hobby, your recent collab with Rizky Febian has defo became an earworm. Catchy tune! We also often saw you singing and playing the piano in your Instagram stories.
“My initial hobby was actually singing. I studied music since I was a little, as well as playing the instrument. So if you asked me, I initially really wanted to be a musician way back then – even before I wanted to be an actress. And the offer came, the first offer I got was to do a TV series, rather than singing or anything related to music. But then I got offered to do a movie soundtrack because of my hobby. Both singing and music have always been in my blood.”

“I studied classical piano since I was four years old, it’s actually the only instrument that I aced. I love my piano. And I actually released an album back in 2009, but it was for a TV series’ soundtrack. I would really love to make an album soon.”

Acting. Singing. Modelling. What’s the similar joy you found?
“I think I’m a fan of arts, cause everything is an art – music, acting, fashion to modeling can be categorized as art. I think I’m probably an avid supporter of art.”

F for future. So what lies ahead for you?
“I would love to do a lot of things, actually. I have not taken so many kind of roles, I still want to do different characters. I still want to make an album for sure, even I want to have my own concert one day. I would want to be more involved in the fashion industry because it ties with my job, so I think it would be nice to put more consideration into it. Those are the things that I would love to do in my short-term plans and long-term ones.”


Location: Hotel Monopoli, Jakarta
Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Fashion Stylist: Salsabila Sari & Fiona

Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia 
Videographer: Rengga Aditya Pratama

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