Musing a la Mode with Stellarissa

Being a symbol of #girlpower and #girlsboss just as much is our first list of designers: Stellarissa. The petite designer found her passion for fashion since she was young, Stella knew exactly that she wanted to explore the world of fashion. Such desire led her to study fashion in LaSalle College. Her flaming passion throughout her entire college day earned her Best of the Best Student Award in 2006. After she launched her first collection in 2008, which got a very good response, Stella debuted in the international fashion week in Malaysia and Singapore.

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When did you discover that your passion deeply roots in the fashion industry? And what was the first step you took to explore more about it?

“I have always known I would grow up doing something related to fashion. I love designing and creating since a young age. I remember making myself a dress when I was 14, using a table cloth. And sewing and designing prom dresses for my friends. I had been dreaming of being a fashion designer since I was 14.”

“And when I was 18 years old, I went to New York to visit my sister who lives there. I visited a museum that happens to be having a fashion exhibition, and the theme was about historical fashion. It evoked lots of emotion in me and I was so soaked in the history and there was a desire in me to be part of it.”

“I decided to have my solo fashion show on my 21st birthday. My friends were my models and I did the make up on them. I became more convinced that fashion was my passion. STELLARISSA was born since then, and now this ‘baby’ is a huge part of my life. The journey is not easy, but my passion has been my motivation.“

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Share us the meaning behind each collection, what does it respectively represent? And what does having the brand mean in your life (for ex. as the ultimate goal in life or as a permanent hobby)?

“Each collection has different inspirations. My collection could be a reflection of almost everything around me. It could be my daily thoughts, personal relationships, or the current mood of my life.”

And in order to keep inspired, what do you usually do?

“Traveling. Have a positive thinking. Aware of what is happening in my surrounding. Even the simplest thing can be my inspiration. My stellar woman is my biggest inspiration.”

Amongst all the collections, which one do you find memorable and feel very personal to you?

“Definitely my first collection ‘I feel like dancing in the rainbow’ where everything begins. And my last Fashion Show collection ‘Rock and Rolla’, held last year in Senayan City as part of IPMI member. The collection shows me maturing as a fashion designer, I love every piece of them.”

As a designer, you’re very energetic and focused, what do you do to keep yourself alert should you happen in a bad mood or trap in a bad situation?

“I believe there is always a solution to every problem, even those that seem impossible. My principle in life is learning how to tackle the problems and learning how to pick myself up when I am knocked down. Not to be too easily upset over the minor details in life and to really know what/who are the truly important things/people in your life.”

stellarissa march bomagz18 stellarissa march bomagz20What is the one question that you wish media would ask often?

“I love fashion, it is a very big part of my life. I spent a lot of time in it. However as I grow older, besides fashion, my life is so much more than that. I am passionate about life and people. I am also very passionate in being a whole and content individual.”

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Writer: Adhinda Latifa

Photographer: Vicky Melly

Stylist: Hilarius Matthew

Video Director: Mario Bully

Video Editor: Iqbal Syafei

Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia

Wardrobe by Stellarissa

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