Must-visit this Holiday: World’s Top 5 Studio Tours!

Are you movie enthusiast? Studio film plays a big part in movie production – especially the blockbuster ones. Big studio names in the worlds open their studio and offer tours for the tourists. Curious about movie production and all the jazz? Just pay these studios a visit!

Studio Ghibli Museum, Tokyo
Studio Ghibli is well-known for its animation movies and it opens the studio tour for their fans. Once you come inside, you can meet their famous character, such as Totoro, Ponyo, Kiki, and others, and feel the magical feeling of the late Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece.

Weta Workshop, New Zealand
When you hear New Zealand as movie site filming, Lord of The Rings always comes in mind. Go visit Weta Workshop to know more about the location set and properties of LoTR, The Hobbit, Percy Jackson, and King Kong.

Atlas Film Studios, Morocco
Located in the Moroccan dessert, this studio is dubbed as one of the biggest movie studios in the world! The studio itself is the silent witness of Star Wars, Black Hawk Dawn, and The Mummy film-making. It’s a must visit!

Paramount, USA
Hold your puddle, everyone. This studio is the oldest one in the continent, also one of the famous ones. Paramount produces blockbuster movie in the world, such as Titanic, Forrest Gump, until The Transformers. It’s a bit expensive but worth every penny!

Warner Bros Studio, England
Your visit to the United Kingdom won’t be complete before you visit the studio that produce Harry Potter and his magical wizarding worlds. You can see Dumbledore’s office with your own eyes and ‘shopping’ at Diagon Alley while ogling at Harry’s Nimbus 2000. Potterheads or not, this studio is worth to visit.

Source: Mister Aladin 

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