NASA’s Latest Mission May Present Us with More Than 100 New Planets!

While we’re staying in the grounded comfort, NASA has gone up, up, and away to unveil the secret of the universe. Wanna know their latest find?


Yes, Hubble the might telescope has given us more than 1.400 planets outside out solar system and Keppler has unveiled more than 2.600 more. Yet a new telescope now becomes the highlight, as it gives us the hope of finding more, including the possible presence of other intellectual being out there.
Introduced by the astronomical team of The Ohio State University, the telescope is equipped with the most accurate and detailed feature for Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope mission (WFIRST). The goal? To find new planets and dark energy – a mysterious source of power on the solar system’s empty pocket that’s been on object of curiosity by the scientists.
Micro-gravitation and microlensing method will be the key of the telescope as it eyes more than 100 million stars at the centre of the galaxy. Let’s wait up for what it will find. The truth is out there!
Source: iNews

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