Netflix Worshippers, Here’s Our Flick List!

Yea, you might have had some short holidays earlier, but it could never hurt to have some more things to make your weekly holiday better, right? As self-proclaimed Netflix worshippers, let us show you what’s on our top watch list!

  1. Bird Box
    Have you watched A Quiet Place? One thriller movie that makes you gasp for air whenever someone made a noise? Bird Box brings you similar experience with a different sensation of thrill because this time, it’seven more thrilling! experience through its story. Bird Box is an American thriller based on a novel written by Josh Malerman in 2014. The main string of the film is about an apocalypse that is caused by something invisible, and to stay alive you must keep your eyes closed.
  1. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
    The newest addition to the popular series, Black Mirror, the Bandersnatch is a very special one. Portraying a young programmer in 1984 who has been questioning about reality, this series will bring you to the most important decision for the ending of it. Through this series, you’ll be able to experience your own adventure as the series is making it possible for the viewers to interact with the episode and directly effecting the end of the story.

  1. The Haunting of Hill House
    Adapted by the widely-considered one of the most important horror novels, I History by Shirley Jackson, this is a really must-watch especially for you, horror enthusiasts. The series is about the paranormal investigation of a well-established haunted house, called the Hill House. It was started when a family of 7 (the Crains) moved to a new big house that is full of its own history. Witnessing many unnatural things as they grow up in the house, the Crains begun to realize that the spirits in the house has affecting their lives.
  1. You
    Another TV series coming from novel  series, this one has attracted so many people on Netflix for its storyline: intense, chilling, and romantic at the same time. Played by Penn Badgely, the story is about love and obsession. Many of the viewers can relate to the stories as it touches the issues about social media and digital privacy.
  1. Girl from Nowhere
    A Thai production and based on a true story, Girl from Nowhere tells us about an exploitation of girls from 13 schools in Thailand. We followed the journey of Nannoh, the brave student on a mission to reveal the untold truth about things that is happening around her. It is heartbreaking, yet creepy. Definitely something that will open your eyes to the dark side of the society.
  1. Cam
    Recommended by the king of thriller himself, Stephen King, this one has left many audiences stunned in awe. The movie brings us to the life of an online sex worker, all the scary things of the high-caliber technology. Lola, the alter ego of Alice, works as an online sex worker and is wishing to break into the top 10 ranking of her online porn site. However, her account got hacked by someone—or something that is looking exactly like her and trying to dethrone her. But did she really get hacked?
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim






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